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Who is Wicked Good Scentz?

**Let Nature Do The Work!**

My name is Nicole, I am a single mom of 11-year-old twins and I am an Air Force veteran.  I have been a clinical aromatherapist for seven years, and chemistry is my passion.  I started this company because I love creating beautiful and safe products for my friends and family.  I am now extending this passion out to the public.


You may have heard the saying; what goes on your body, goes in your body.  I love looking at an ingredient, its components, and formulating a product based on its properties to support our largest organ... our skin.  I use this same process in formulating my home care products.  The fewer chemicals I have in my home, the safer the environment is for my kids.

All the creations showcased in my shop are where I have personally tested these creations on friends, family, and myself.

The name was influenced by my best friend Jill due to my Bostonian roots.  If you are from that area, you will know what I mean. 

When creating my company, Wicked Good Scentz, I designed my logo to resemble the Yin and Yang. 


The Yin and Yang resemble inseparable and contradictory opposites.  This is nature… there are plants that can harm you and plants that can heal you.  In my aromatherapy and herbalism studies, I focused on the safe usage of the many forms of plant material.  Whether they be the plant itself, the plant infused or extracted, distilled into a hydrosol, or created to make the essential oils we have all grown to love.  Even the use of these many forms of plant material has safety profiles.  I can assure you, with every batch, I have safety in mind.

Presently, my selection of products is small.  As I grow to create beautiful, effective, and SAFE blends, they will be added to my inventory.  In the meantime, please enjoy what I have currently created.

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