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External Use Only

All formulations are for external use only.  Do not attempt to eat or drink any of the products.  Also, it is best to avoid putting these products near or in your eyes.  If for some reason you have got some of the product in your eyes, here is what you need to do.  Take a cotton ball with an oil such as olive oil/coconut oil and wipe it over your closed eyelid.  This is how you can dilute the product solution and eventually it will provide relief for your eyes.  If you feel like your eyes are not getting better, please seek medical attention.

Skin Patch Testing

Skin patch testing is something everyone should do when trying out a new product.  This is especially important for people who are unfamiliar with essential oils.

**How to do a skin patch test:

For accuracy, conduct the skin patch test using the proposed concentration of essential oils.

**To Test Blends Diluted in Base Oil

• Wash and dry the forearm thoroughly with unscented soap

• Apply enough of the essential oil blend to moisten but not saturate

• Cover with sterile gauze

• Leave in place 24 hours, unless burning or irritation occurs

If any irritation occurs, do not use it.

**To Test Undiluted Essential Oils

• Wash and dry the forearm thoroughly with unscented soap

• Apply 1-drop of the essential oil to the crook of the arm

• Close arm (hand to shoulder) for five minutes

• Open and close once again

• If stinging or any irritation occurs, wash with water and soap or wipe with a cotton ball saturated

with milk or vegetable oil. The poison control center recommends washing with soap and water

**To Test For Sensitization

To conduct a skin patch test for sensitization, test twice in 48 hours. Use the proposed concentration,

place it in the crook of the arm, and cover. After 24 hours, check for irritation, remove, and then patch test again. Usually, any sensitization reaction will show itself within 48 hours.


  • Step 1: Start with a freshly washed inner elbow (use unscented soap)

  • Step 2: Apply one drop of essential oil

  • Step 3: Close arm (hand to shoulder) for five minutes, then open and check for any irritation. If any irritation occurs, wash the arm with soap and water or milk and do not use the oil in that concentration, or at all if the irritation is more than mild.

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