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It look me SO MANY tries to get this lotion bar perfect!!  I am so happy how it came out! This lotion bar has just the perfect scent of vanilla without being overwhelming.  


Our Vanilla Bean lotion bar is perfect for travel!  Which this little gem you won't have to worry about fluid oz restrictions on the airplane.

What makes this product special is the use of Vanilla Infused Jojoba, Vanilla Botanical Extract AND Vanilla Oleoresin to get that big scent of Vanilla without being overwhelming. 


This lotion bar is nourishing and warming. The smell is a warm vanilla scent that reminds me of fall.


~The beeswax used is from a local farm here in Black Forest, Colorado.

These are nut free.  A vegan option is in the works.


Directions: Rub the lotion bar between hands to get the needed amount. Put the bar back in the tin and work the lotion into your skin. Use as needed to support dry skin.