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I LOVE taking baths!  These Bath Salts are particularly ideal, at a minimum for cleansing, deep relaxation, and skin softening.  Your body will love it!  I created an unscented line for those who are sensitive to scents, or have a skin sensitivity to herbs and/or essential oils.  This is nothing but the salts!


Until I took my therapeutic bathing class, I really had no idea if what I was doing or using would be beneficial to my overall well-being.   After the class was completed, I KNEW this was something I wanted to focus on.  Therapeutic bathing allows you to benefit from organic herbal remedies for the purposes of beauty, support body detoxification, support pain relief, mental clarity, spiritual pursuits, support stress reduction and more.


A hot bath can be the perfect luxurious ending to a long, exhausting workweek…or a long, exhausting homeschooling week!  When you add the healing benefits of botanical bath salts, you will have everything you need for the ultimate healthy therapeutic bathing experience.


You can use your bath as a holistic remedy for opening up clogged pores, easing tense muscles, calming stress symptoms, and invigorating your body and soul.  So, prepare your bath only when you won't be rushed.  Even I have a hard time getting to those 20 mins as a single mom.  I get in what I can sometimes, since the benefits are amazing!


Your skin is your largest organ, and the only one that's directly exposed to the elements and visible to everyone. Keeping it soft and supple is important to your health, your appearance and perhaps even your sense of well-being.


These bath salts can also be used for a simple foot bath if you do not want to, or have the time to take a full bath.  These bath salts will also stimulate your feet and make them silky soft.



See Product Info on the side for the abbreviations of the salt combinations.  All test tubes, have zero herbs and zero essential oils.  Nothing but the salts!



Start by filling the tub halfway with warm water. Add your bath salts and mix them in. Continue to add hot water to get the temperature you want.  If your salt/botanical mixture is not sliding out of the test tube easily, even while shaking it.  Submerge the tube into the water to start letting some of the salt dissolve and try emptying the test tube again.


98 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit: WARM – This is just slightly warmer than our natural body temperature. It's the best temperature to use for ideal absorption in an herbal bath. Soak for 10-20 minutes.  20 minutes would be the ideal time.


If you soak too long in a too-hot bath, your skin can lose vital oils and become even dryer and more irritated. Keep baths at a comfortably warm, not hot, temperature, and limit them to no longer than 20 minutes.


When you immerse your body into a hot bath to help you relax before bedtime, be sure the temperature isn't overly hot. Truly hot water stimulates your nervous system, and while you may feel relaxed it could still interfere with your ability to sleep for several hours once you've finished. So, make your bath "just hot enough”. 



These bath salts are safe for kids age 3 and up.  Half the tube would be ideal for the smaller children, or you can use the full tube for kids over age 6.


If you tend to get headaches from hot baths, you can prevent them by keeping a cool washcloth on your forehead while you soak. You may run your feet under cold water partway through, pour cold water over your head and arms, or even keep a cool cloth draped around your neck. These techniques help prevent the artificial fever that hot baths can trigger.


Though there are usually no issues to hot, and salty baths… ALWAYS consult your physician before using if you are unsure to use with any current medical conditions.

Unscented Bath Salt Sampler Tubes: Set of 4

SKU: 0042
  • I created these products to make bath time more about relaxing & calming the mind.  Each test tube lists have letters associated with them.  These are the salts listed by quantity in each test tube.


    Abbreviations for Salts: C= Celtic Sea Salt, D= Dead Sea Salt, H= Himalayan Salt, M= Mediterranean Sea Salt, P= Pink Mineral Salt.


    They come in a 45ml test tube as a sampler.  This product is 1.55 oz by weight.  Each test tube is close to a ¼ cup. You can purchase individually, or purchase them as a set.  Check out the shop for the different set options. 


    These bath salts do not contain any herbs or essential oils.  These bath salts do not contain any vegetable oils either, so the tub may not be slippery.  Always use caution when exiting your bath tub.  BUT I will be creating some bath salts soon with essential oils and/or therapeutic vegetable oils.


    Check out the “ALL ABOUT THE SALTS” break down.  See which salt combinations appeal to you and your needs!


    Click here to review the Medical/FDA Disclaimer.


    Click here to review the Allergy/Liability Disclaimer.


    Use within 6 months. The expiration date is based on the day the product is made.  All products are handcrafted in small batches.

  • My goal is to help you and your family live healthier lives through my non-toxic handcrafted products.   This includes ensuring you’re completely satisfied with your purchase. If, for any reason, you are unhappy with your Wicked Good Scentz product, we offer a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase.


    Has it been more than 30 days? Don't worry, let me create a product that you will be happy with.


    Please email me at to start the return process. Please allow up to 48 business hours for the return to be processed.

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