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Our lip balm is a great to have in multiple places in the house.  I even leave one in the car! BUT, if you leave it in your car, just be aware it may shorten the shelf life of the product. It could also go rancid earlier than projected due to high heat. If the scent smells off, then it probably is.


This little treat reminds me when I used to eat those creamsicles as a kid.   It smells and tastes so yummy!  I infuse my own vanilla jojoba.  I infuse the vanilla beans for about 4-6 weeks.  I really wanted a strong vanilla presence in the products I make with this oil.  Jojoba is one of those oils that supports the skins natural pH balance and great for all skin types.  It is really a wax, but looks and feels like an oil.  It is helpful for inflamed skin, and is useful for chapped lips.


Orange is a citrus essential oil that is not phototoxic.  Orange is such an uplifting essential oil, that it can brighten anyones day!  It is a great addition to any lip balm creation.  


This lip balm comes in Regular, Vegan, and Custom.  Email me for a custom order due to allergies because of an ingredient.

~The bees wax used is from a local farm here in Black Forest, Colorado.


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