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This rose hydrosol based facial toner is great for refreshing the face after cleansing. It can also be used throughout the day for a little pick me up on the face.  I also love using this as a body spray.


  • Facial Toner Ingredients – *Rosa damascene (Rose) Hydrosol and Distilled Water.


Facial Toner Directions – You can either spray directly on your face and let air dry, or pat into the skin.  Another option is to spray it into a cotton ball and wipe all over your face.  It is ideal to spray all over your neck as well.


Facial Toner Safety – There are no safety concerns with the ingredients in this toner.   Since this is made the day you place your order, and does not contain any preservative, it is good to use within 2 months.


*indicates Certified Organic

Facial Toner for Normal-Combo Dry Skin

SKU: 0018