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Since the holidays are approaching, now is the time to think of your loved ones.


I have created an option to order lotion bars in bulk at a 25% discount when you order 10 lotion bars.


Regular priced for 10 lotion bars would be $50, but at 25% off a bulk order of 10, you are only paying $37.50!!


Vegan options are only available in like flavors. It is not available in the "variety" option.


For the variety option, I will hand select the flavors of yummy goodness for you, with at least 3 of the same flavors, and 4 of another flavor. If there are some must haves in the variety you want, please contact me before you order.


For individual product info and ingredients, hop over to that particular lotion bar or the 3-pack for the Vegan ingredients.

BULK Order Lotion Bars

SKU: 0035