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Why I wanted to start a blog...

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

I have so many things going through my head daily about what I have learned in aromatherapy and herbalism. I am continually taking classes to further my expertise in both subjects.

I have completed many programs/classes at four different aromatherapy schools. I like seeing how these schools approach aromatherapy, and yes, they all have different views and similarities. This is how I started to discover how I want to approach aromatherapy from what I have learned and through my own research. I currently have my aromatherapy certification from Aromahead Institute and my clinical aromatherapy degree from the American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS).

For my herbal credentials, I am enrolled at the Herbal Academy for their intermediate herbal program. I am thankful it is self-paced. I work on it when I have a break in my busy life. I am also getting my herbal medicine degree from ACHS. That program is NOT self-paced, but I really love it!

I have a lot of knowledge in my head. What better way to get it out of my head and onto paper? Enters the blog. I really love aromatherapy and herbalism! There is so much out there on the subject, and it can be overwhelming.

I love educating family and friends on these subjects. They also challenge me with questions within these topics, so I am continually learning that way too. I figured what better way to get this information to the masses is to blog about them.

In my blogs, I WILL be putting resources of where I gather my information. Have you ever read a blog and wondered where the person got their information? I know I do. I like to read references to gain more knowledge of the subject discussed, even if it was just a small part of the article. Am I right?

I have so many notebooks with a TON of recipes

In my blog, I want to share recipes. These would be some recipes that I want to play around with to make my own. I also love personal inhalers. I do not sell them but would love to share some of those recipes I use for myself and my family.

Ask A Question?

What topics in aromatherapy would you like to see in future blog posts?

What topics in herbalism would you like to see in future blog posts?

Thank you for reading! Comments and Questions are welcome.

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